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Heather Wilson - Maker of Mad and Beautiful Things

Personalised Pictures

I am well known for my popular Personalised Name Pictures and bespoke family celebration paintings.

These are finely detailed, framed watercolours, set in various background scenes appropriate to each person.

PhilomenaPhilomena's 60th Birthday Celebration Painting

This is slightly larger than A3, and shows their life in Ireland

and Yorkshire, parents, children, both as little ones, and grown ups.

Philomena Table DetailDetail of the Irish Party table.

Showing Philomena's favourite foods, drinks and perfumes.

She likes to eat Rolos together with cheese and onion Tayto crisps!

Kevan's 60th Birthday PaintingKevan's 60th Birthday Picture

Nana Wendy's Picture

Nana Wendy's Picture

Ten years after Kevan's 60th Birthday picture, the family came back for his wife Wendy's 65th Birthday painting. There are now grandchildren, which weren't in Kevan's picture!

Nicol and Mark

Detail of Nicol and MarkNicol and Mark's Wedding Picture

Ten years after I did Nicol and Mark's Wedding painting, they came back for their 10th Anniversary picture. They love steam trains, had their wedding reception on the Northern Belle, and this painting includes ten years of their steam train adventures.

Nicol and Mark's 10th Anniversary PictureNicol and Mark's 10th Anniversary Picture

H with Nicol and Mark

Phil and JuliePhil and Julie's Ruby Wedding Picture

Phil and Julie live in New Zealand. Their daughter, Hannah, who lives in the UK, came to see me to discuss the picture.  She brought a huge pile of photos of the family, all the pets they've ever had, their house and surrounding countryside.

The house has a long driveway and large garden, which they have both created, so we decided that would be the perfect setting for their names. Hannah wanted the background to be the New Zealand scenery where they live.

There are little personal jokes, such as the dog in the foreground, who was always running off, so Hannah asked if I could put an extra long lead on her. I made it into the "and". Phil likes skiing and playing the piano, so I used those for the "P" and "H". Julie loves gardening, so most of the letters in her name have that theme.

They both cycle, and love travelling. They are members of the Caravan Club, so the flag appears at the top, with  those of the other countries they have visited. Also on the signpost are places of importance to them. They went to Buckingham Palace to a Garden Party! The coat of arms is Leeds Met University, where they both had connections. Their other daughter is also in the picture.

Name Pictures

Eleanor Name Picture

James Name Picture

For baby and children's pictures, details such as:

Date, weight, time and place of birth; favourite toys and foods; parent's occupations and hobbies; family members, pets etc. can all be included in the picture - (copied from photographs provided by the client).

Not only for New Babies and children, these pictures are perfect presents for Weddings, Anniversaries and Special Birthdays, such as 21st, 50th, 60th, etc.

Jenny and Marcel's Wedding PictureJenny and Marcel's Wedding Picture

Mountain top wedding under a huge old tree, with friends and family gathered.

And to remind us of a special place, I can paint a watercolour picture of your house from photographs. These have also appeared in the Name Pictures, and have included an Indian Palace, a golden domed Russian Orthodox Cathedral, a French chateau, and the Spires of Oxford.

French House Picture