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Heather Wilson - Maker of Mad and Beautiful Things

Celebration Pieces

One of the unique ways I work is to create a piece which celebrates the life of someone special.

Using personal items which mean something to each of us, I decorate a stretched canvas, with items such as buttons, old school reports and photographs, paper sewing patterns... whatever it is which reminds us of that person.

A fabulous idea for a present, I can commemorate your Special Day with a wonderfully unusual artwork.

Dennis Celebration PieceDennis's Mum and Dad Celebration Piece

Dennis Piece Detail
This piece celebrates the lives of Dennis's Mum and Dad.

It includes items from his Granny's recipe book; pages from his Mum's diary (including the page with Dennis's birthday!); the first class passenger list when his Dad sailed to Australia to work.

There is a letter from Princess Elizabeth, and a card from The Queen for their Diamond Wedding Anniversary, his Mum's wedding rings, lockets, and many other keepsakes besides.

I also makes little canvasses, embellishing each with mementoes from foreign trips, to create a Travel Piece.

These can include bus tickets, museum passes, photos, coins, labels...           and anything else that conjures up the memory of a fabulous holiday or Honeymoon.

Tunisia Piece


Shown below are two Graduation Pieces commissioned for a brother and sister, using items sneaked from their rooms by their parents!

Graduation Celebration Boy

Graduation Celebration Girl

Below is shown the work I made to celebrate my Mother's life. Highly personal, and often very moving and evocative, this is a totally unique way of using those things that would otherwise be hidden away in a box, and rarely looked at.

Mum's Sewing Box

Using precious keepsakes to create a reminder of that special time, I have thought of the perfect way to capture the most important of your Baby’s earliest moments.

The wrist tag, first scan, monitor charts, a curl of fine hair, the first tiny cardigan, bootees or mittens…and anything else which means something special to you and your New Baby.

Set in a box frame to hang in the nursery, this makes an ideal and very different gift.

Baby Celebration Piece