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Heather Wilson - Maker of Mad and Beautiful Things


Using ready made hat and fascinator bases, I embellish them to match your outfit, using feathers, beads, artificial flowers, and even cows and miniature tea sets have been requested!

All are hand sewn, no glue guns are permitted!

Whether they are mad or sensible, these hats will always be a talking point!

The Black Swan

Inspired by the film The Black Swan, I made this fascinator and wore it, dressed as the ballerina, to see the film in our local cinema!

The red beads represent the drops of blood, and the shape of the feathers mirror the shape of the classic dying swan pose in the ballet Swan Lake.

H-Black Swan

Hat-Black Swan

Black Swan Hat Details

Lying Cow Hat

Inspired by nature with a twist of humour.

Lying Cow Hat

Hat-Lying Cow

Wedding Hats

These lovely hats are for a Black and White themed Wedding in Italy.

The Bride's hat is a mini top hat, and the Bridesmaids and Mothers of the Bride and Groom had fascinators made to match their outfits.    The girls also carried the little handbags.

Black and White 1

Black and White 2

Black and White 3

Black and White 4

Black and White 5

Black and White 6

Black and White Handbags

Aqua Fascinator

This was made to match the dress alongside.

Aqua Fascinator

Aqua Hat with Dress

Black and Pink Hat

Black and Pink Hat

Black and Pink Hat 1

The Mad Hatter

Inspired by Tim Burton's film Alice in Wonderland, I made these two hats - one for The Mad Hatter, and one for The Red Queen.

H-Mad Hatter

Red Queen Hat